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Bank of Italy: Workshop on "Fundamentals and Methods for Impact Evaluation of Public Policies"

IRVAPP organized a workshop on the “Fundamentals and Methods for the Evaluation of Public Policies” for researchers of the Bank of Italy. The workshop was an intensive training of the duration of five days and was held in January 2009 at the Bank of Italy site (SADiBa) in Perugia.

The main goals of the workshop were: 1) emphasizing the logical fundamentals of impact evaluation; 2) presenting the main statistical methods and techniques for impact evaluation and 3) providing insight into a selection of case studies. At the end of the workshop a list of references and data-sets for practical exercise were given to all participants.

Instructors of the workshop were: Erich Battistin (IRVAPP and University of Padova), Alberto Martini (PROVA and University of Piemonte Orientale), Enrico Rettore (IRVAPP and University of Padova), Ugo Trivellato (IRVAPP and University of Padova; scientific coordinator); Guido Pellegrini (University of Roma “La Sapienza”) and Roberto Torrini (Bank of Italy).

The total number of participants was 28: 13 from the central unit, 15 from local units. The participants’ overall evaluation on the workshop was very good.

Coverage of course materials: 8.2
Quality of course materials: 8.3
Clarity and effectiveness of the instructor : 8.4
Usefulness for the research: 9.1 

19/01/2009 to 23/01/2009