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The Minimum Guaranteed Income in the Province of Trento: Evidence from an Impact Evaluation

Antonio Schizzerotto,
Loris Vergolini,
Nadir Zanini

In 2009, the autonomous Province of Trento introduced a minimum income scheme, known as Reddito di Garanzia, to relieve poor families living in the local community. The paper focuses on the results of a counterfactual impact evaluation of this policy. The data used to carry out the evaluation comes from a two waves panel survey, which involved a sample of recipients (treatment group) and a sample of non-recipients (control group). The evaluation strategy is based on a Difference-in-Differences design and the analyses are carried out separately for natives and immigrants. The analyses show that the programme has: (i) reduced the material deprivation of immigrants; (ii) increased their expenses for food consumptions; (iii) expanded social relations of native recipients; and (iv) barely affected the participation in the labour market participation of both native and immigrants.

income support measures,
impact evaluation
Rassegna Italiana di Valutazione - (58) 2014
Franco Angeli
December, 2014