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Using microdata in the evaluation of higher education and its impact in Europe


The seminar will introduce the recently developed European Tertiary Education Register (ETER), an initiative supported by DG Education, DG RTD and Eurostat in collaboration with National Statistical Authorities of all European countries, which makes it available a dataset of microdata on higher education institutions. ETER includes student, graduate and academic staff data, with breakdown by discipline, gender, and internationalization. For some countries, data on funding and expenditures are also available. By combining ETER microdata with data on publications, patents, EU funding, and regional covariates, a large number of new empirical issues can be addressed.

Andrea Bonaccorsi (University of Pisa)
Short bio: 

Andrea Bonaccorsi is Professor of Economics and Management at the School of Engineering of the University of Pisa. He has pioneered the creation of publicly available microdata on universities, first with the Aquameth project (resulting in a 2007 Edward Elgar book), then with Eumida (a second book published in 2014) and finally with the ETER project. He has published extensively in top journals on issues of economic analysis of scientific productivity, economies of scale and scope, nonparametric efficiency, university rankings. His last book is La valutazione possibile (Il Mulino, 2015) and he has in preparation a book on evaluation of research in Social Sciences and Humanities.

19 February 2016 - 11:00

FBK-IRVAPP, Vicolo Dallapiccola 12, 38122 Trento