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Political selection in the skilled city


This paper studies the impact of human capital on the citizens’ ability to select high quality politicians in democratic elections. By using a change in the rules for Italian mayoral elections and a diff-in-diffs estimator, I find that cities endowed with a larger amount of human capital tend to elect higher quality politicians. This result is robust to omitted variables or selection issues and holds for a variety of quality indicators.

Antonio Accetturo
Short bio: 

Antonio Accetturo currently works as an economist at Bank of Italy, Economic Research Unit (Trento Branch) where he contributes to a wide array of empirical research on internationalization, migration, and political economics. He is also an active researcher in the field of urban and regional economics and in policy evaluation. Antonio holds a Ph.D. from the Catholic University of Milano (2007), a Master degree from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (2005), and a B.Sc. (2002) in Economics from Bocconi University.

05 November 2013 - 11:00

IRVAPP/Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Via Santa Croce 77 - Trento