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Martina Bazzoli

  • Phone: 0461312297
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Short bio

Martina Bazzoli is currently Junior Researcher at IRVAPP. In 2008 she obtained the Master degree in “Demographic Social Statistics”  at Faculty of Statistics (University of Padua), with a dissertation titled  “Measure and perception of disability among elderlies: an European comparative analysis”. Before coming to IRVAPP, Martina worked as a researcher at the Social and Economic Permanent Observatory (OPES).

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    Crescere a Trento: Indagine sui servizi socio-educativi per la prima infanzia,
  2. Bazzoli M.; Poggio T.,
    Crescere a Trento. I servizi socio-educativi per la prima infanzia : un confronto tra famiglie italiane e famiglie straniere,