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Sex and the Single Girl: Cultural Persistence and the Pill


Historical differences in out-of-wedlock childbearing predict a quarter of demand for the Pill in Sweden. The positive relationship is robust to the inclusion of extensive economic and demographic controls, marriage market characteristics, and religion measures. Alternative estimators and empirical models that account for fixed community characteristics yield similar results. A model of demand for premarital sex is developed where social sanctions and marriage customs play a prominent role. The model illustrates how these features of culture influence both unwed birth and adoption of new contraceptive technologies.  The model and empirical evidence paint a consistent picture; culture matters for contraception demand.

Kelly Ragan
Short bio: 

Kelly Ragan is actually an Assistant Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. She has obtained her PhD in Economics at the University of Chicago in 2006. Her research interests include Macroeconomics and Public Finance.

05 July 2012 - 17:00

IRVAPP/Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Via Santa Croce 77 - Trento


The presentation will be in English.