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Unintended Consequences of Pension Reforms on Inter-Generational Fertility


This paper investigates the role of childcare provided by grandparents for fertility and labor supply decisions of their offspring. We exploit a decade of pension reforms in Italy that, by raising the retirement age, have mandated grandparents to longer working horizons than they would have had otherwise. We argue that the rise in retirement age has meant a negative shock to the supply of informal child care provided to the next generation. We document substantial negative effects on the age at first child for married couples whose parents were the most affected by the reforms, and we show that the postponement in fertility decisions roughly matches the shift observed for retirement age. Despite the large effects on fertility, we don’t find any effect on the labor supply of women.

Michele De Nadai
Short bio: 

Michele De Nadai is a post-doctoral research fellow, working withing the project The Policy Implication of Demographic Ageing at the University of Padova. He has obtained a PhD in Statistical Sciences in with a thesis on “Measurement Error Issues in Consumption data”. His research interests include microeconometrics, measurement error, program evaluation and panel data.

10 May 2013 - 11:00

IRVAPP/Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Via Santa Croce 77 - Trento


The presentation will be in English.