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Path Decomposition for Categorical Variables: the Role of Education in Social Mobility


This paper develops tools for measuring the role of education in intergenerational social class mobility. Sociologists have long sought a method of decomposing the log odds ratios involving class origins and destinations into a direct part and an indirect part mediated by education. Drawing on recent work we first present such method and, secondly, develop another method that allows researchers to summarize, in an optimal way, the mediating role played by education. We apply these methods to examine whether or not education has come to play an increasing role in intergenerational social class mobility in Britain during the 20th century.

Richard Breen
Short bio: 

Richard Breen has been a member of the Yale Sociology faculty since January 2007. Previously he was an Official Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford, where he is still a Senior Research Fellow. Prof. Breen is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Member of the Royal Irish Academy and a member of Academia Europaea.
His research interests are social stratification and inequality, quantitative methods, and the application of formal models in the social sciences.

11 June 2012 - 17:00

IRVAPP/Fondazione Bruno Kessler - Via Santa Croce 77 - Trento


The presentation will be in English.